Most Expensive Fishing Rod

moneyIf you are interested in looking at some seriously expensive fishing rods. Then you have absolutely come to the right place.

Seriously expensive fishing rods is just what we are looking at. These are some incredible rods whose performance is almost as incredible as their price tag.

While owning one of these rods will be a dream for many only a few will be able to dish out the spare cash to actually own one.

And those few people we all envy. Still, let’s have a look at some seriously expensive fishing rods.

Most Expensive Spinning Rod

Daiwa Morethan Branzino Urban Spinning Rod

daiwaThis is the most expensive spinning rod available on Amazon. The creme de la creme of spinning rods.

If you enjoy fishing with a spinning rod and have some serious money to throw around then you might read this a bit more carefully then those who are here to gawk.

It has been designed with a variety of interesting features that allow it to perform in a variety of circumstances.

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Designed To Perform Well In Difficult Cast Conditions

As mentioned above this rod has an interesting design. It has been designed specifically for situations where external conditions make your cast difficult. This can be situations such as fishing in heavy vegetation or having buildings nearby.

To allow this rod to perform well in such situations it has been designed so that it can perform a number of complicated casts easily and accurately. It is a rod which can perform perfect overhead casts, underhand casts and sidearm casts.

Index Finger Ring

Another feature that this rod has is an index finger ring. This is mounted above the real seat. Using this you can feel every vibration on the lure and the blank using only your forefinger.

This means you never get the situation where you have a fish nibbling and biting but have no idea since you can’t feel it in the rod. Whenever any action happens on your lure or blank you will be able to feel the vibrations through your forefinger.

Features and Specifications

  • Two part rod: This is a two part rod that easily separates into two pieces. This provides it with a good balance. Being strong but also easy to transport.
  • Designed for complicated casts: This rod has been designed to perform well in conditions with complicated casts. For example if there is heavy vegetation or nearby buildings. It is a rod that can perform overhead casts, underhead casts and sidearm casts easily and accurately.
  • Index finger ring: This rod has been smartly designed with an index finger ring. This is mounted above the reel seat. You can use it to feel every vibration of the lure and the blank.
  • High Quality Materials: It has been constructed out of high quality materials. Featuring AGS carbon fibre guides, DAIWA X-Torque technology, Super SVF Compile-X Carbon Fibre, Super Multi Taper, V-Joint Spigot, Micro-Pitch Taping, AGS Carbon Fibre Guides, Double Guide Wrapping, Japanese Hard-EVA Handle Material.

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In Conclusion

This is the perfect rod for anyone who is interested in spin fishing. It is a very high quality rod that has been intelligently designed. Being made out of high quality materials. Able to perform a variety of accurate precision casts. It is a rod that completely justifies its expensive price.

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Most Expensive Fly Fishing Rod

Sage Salt Fly Rod Outfit

sage saltNow on to the fly fishing rods. This is one of the most expensive fly fishing rods available on Amazon.

Unlike the last rod we looked at, which is just a rod. This is actually an outfit. Providing you everything you need to get out on the water and start fishing straight away.

If you are interested in fly fishing then this award winning fly fishing rod might interest you. It is the winner of the ICAST/IFTD Saltwater Fly Rod and Best of Show for 2015.

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Konnetic Technology

What makes this fly rod stand out is that it has been designed with revolutionary Konnetic Technology.  What Konnetic technology provides you is ultra fast action. It’s design makes the carbon fibres that make the blank of the rod super compact. Much more compact than usual rods. Allowing it to perform to a high standard while still being durable.

Intelligent Design

It has been designed to maximise its power, feel and salt-action. Allowing it to deliver flies in all types of weather conditions to make the perfect presentation.

Features And Specifications

  • Rod and reel perfectly matched: This rod comes with a Hatch Finatic Fly Reel which is perfectly matched too it. Providing it with high quality performance.
  • Premium sage aluminium rod rube & rod sock: These have been made out of aluminium which is strong and durable.
  • Premium line: Also comes with a premium RIO Bonefish Quickshooter WF Floating Line which provides high performance.

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In Conclusion

This is a great kit for anyone who is interested in a premium, high quality fly fishing rod. It comes with everything you need to get out and start fly fishing. Offering you power, feel and salt-action. Allowing it to perform to a high standard the moment you are out fishing.

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Factors To Consider When Buying An Expensive Fishing Rod

There are many different expensive fishing rods you can buy. You should weigh up your different options to find what fishing rod best suits your needs. Below are a number of factors you should consider before picking up a fishing rod.

  • Price: This is an obvious place to start. There will be some very expensive fishing rods available. There are however a number of reasons for rods being expensive. Some rods will be expensive because they are very high quality and well made. Other models will be expensive because they have be signed by a famous fisherman. Others because they have been hand made by a famous rod maker. Because of this make sure the model you buy is expensive for the reason you are looking for.
  • Type of fishing: There are a number of different styles of fishing. Also within each style there will be a variation in rods and equipment depending on what you are fishing for. It is important to have the right rod for the job. Because of this make sure the rod you are interested in buying is well designed for the style of fishing you are interested in doing.
  • Quality: It is very important to think about the quality of the rod you are buying. This is especially the case when you are looking to invest as much money as you will into an expensive rod. A good way to get the idea of the quality of the rod you are interested in buying is to read reviews. Reviews will cover the pros and cons of the product and give you a good idea of whether it is the rod for you or not.

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