Garmin Echo 201dv Review

Garmin Echo 201dv ReviewWhat Makes The Garmin 201dv Stand Out?

The Garmin 201dv is a fish finder that has a number of features that make it stand out against similarly priced competitors.

Its low price and large grey scale screen make this a great fish finder for anyone who wants to save money and don’t mind having a grey scale screen.

It has been a useful and effective fish finder. Able to detect what is below the water to discover fish and give a good view of the bottom structure.

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Powerful Down Scan Sonar

The down scan sonar on this model has 2,400 W of peak to peak power. Powerful enough to detect down to a depth of 1,750 feet. Also featuring narrow-to-wide viewing angles. Providing you with a clear picture of what is happening under your boat.

5 Inch grey scale display

It also has a large 5 inch grey scale display. This display provides a clear view of the results of the sonar. Allowing you to see the location of fish and other underwater structures. It has a sonar history rewind function so you can look back at the previous results of the sonar. Allowing you to see if you missed any good fishing spots.

Features and Specifications

  • Large 5-inch grey scale screen showing the results of the sonar clearly
  • Powerful Garmin DownVu sonar having a peak to peak power of 2,400 W. Detecting down to a depth of 1,750 feet.
  • Sonar history rewind feature allows you to look back over the previous results of the sonar to see if you missed any good fishing spots.C
  • Smooth scaling depth range adjustments allow for seamless transitions to deep water and back.

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Customer Reviews and Scores

The Garmin 201dv has a good sonar and a good screen. It is also well priced when compared to other similarly powerful fish finders. It has also been made by a respected manufacturer. Garmin being well known for the quality of their products.

There are currently 8 customer reviews of this product on The majority of these reviews are positive. Leaving the fish finder with a average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

However there where some customers who had some minor issues. One customer saying that

“It shows lots of suspended targets but its difficult to tell which are fish vs noise or false readings”

However other customers didn’t report problems.

Customers who are happy with the fish finder saying that there was

“Great detail with the down vu imaging. Very clear images. Really easy to setup and use. Easy to change screens and imaging modes.”, “Seeing fish all over the place. Now I have to figure out how to catch them”

“good quality met my needs and expectations, installed easily and I am look forward to years of use. Fast shipping.”

This makes it very easy for me to recommend the Garmin Echo 201dv.

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In conclusion this is a great fish finder which performs up to a high standard. Most of the real customers who have bought this fish finder are impressed with it. It combines a large screen and powerful sonar while still being competitively priced.

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