Eskimo Propane Ice Auger Reviews

Eskimo Propane Ice Auger ReviewsIf you are ice fishing then it is very important to have the right equipment. One important piece of equipment is an ice auger.

Using one of these you can drill a fishing hole into the ice. There are a variety of designs. Some are manual, some electric and some use propane.

On this page we shall be looking at the features of the Eskimo Propane Ice Auger. Also having a look at what customers have thought about it.

What You Should Think About When Picking Up The Best Propane Ice Augers

There are a number of things you should think about before you pick yourself up a propane ice auger.

  • Price: Price is an obvious place to start. There are a variety of models out there which are available for a variety of prices. Some of which are very expensive. You should decide on your initial budget before you start looking for models. This will help you to narrow down your options. Allowing you to find the perfect propane ice auger for you.
  • Size: There is a variety of sizes available. You should decide how big you want the hole you are fishing in to be. A bigger hole will give you more space while you are fishing. However a larger propane ice auger will be more expensive.
  • Propane prices: When you are picking yourself up a propane ice auger, you need to think about how much propane will cost you. You need to have enough to power the ice auger. It is a good idea to have a full tank before you go ice fishing. While most models have plenty of storage space to hold enough propane for several trips, you don’t want to get out onto the ice only to find your auger is out of propane and can’t run.
  • Customer Reviews: Reading through customer reviews can give you a great idea of what you should expect from a product. These reviews will have been written by customers who have used a product and they can give you a good idea of its different pros and cons. You can see in what areas a product performs well and in what areas it struggles.

Features Of The Eskimo Propane Ice Auger

This is an ice auger that hasĀ someĀ impressive number of features:

  • 42 Inch Auger Length: This auger has an impressive length of 42 inches. Allowing it to cut deep into the ice.
  • Quick release bottle holder holds 1 lb. propane cylinder: It has been smartly designed with a quick release bottle holder. This holder holds a propane cylinder which is large enough to provide the auger with plenty of power.
  • High compression 40cc 4-cycle engine: The engine that comes with this model is a powerful high compression 40cc 4-cycle engine. Powerful enough to cut through the ice to make lot’s of fishing holes.
  • 10 inch diameter auger: The auger has a diameter of ten inches. This is wide enough to cut a decent sized hole in the ice. You can then use this hole for fishing.
  • Auto-prime fuel system: The auto prime fuel system means you don’t have to waste time priming the fuel before you use the auger. You only need to switch it to on and then you can start drilling.

What have customers thought about the Eskimo Propane Ice Auger

This auger has been very well received by customers. It currently has the seriously impressive rating of 4.8 stars out of 5. This shows that customers have been very impressed with its performance.

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Customers have said many positive things about this auger. Among the things said by customers are that it has plenty of power and that it works excellently. Another customer has mentioned that it stars easily. Also easily cutting through the ice.

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